We believe that good design contributes to strong and healthy communities. 

New Orleans, like many other cities, is a complicated place. Our contribution to our home is to empower citizens to determine their built environment and to train the next generation of design leaders. We bring together diverse cultural and technical voices to inform the work.  Our community partners define the projects and each project shares these common themes:

> exhibits thoughtful design and careful execution.
We want them to be useful and cared for long after the design is done.

> establishes meaningful engagement and long-term relationships with our community partners and those supporting our efforts. We are part of this community for the long term and want to create teams of collaborators to take on future challenges. 

> represents an example of a better more sustainable urban future through technical demonstration, design investigation, and innovative building methods. Our design leaders are contributing ideas that can help our city and its culture continue to be a model for other cities.