Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative of New Orleans is a neighborhood-based nonprofit homebuilder that provides families with healthy and energy-efficient affordable housing opportunities. We partner with neighborhood residents, organizations and businesses to create and maintain a stable and thriving community. 

Blighted structures and empty lots are scattered throughout tens of thousands of properties in New Orleans’ neighborhoods. Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative of New Orleans and the Tulane City Center teamed up to investigate patterns of vacancy that have emerged and design solutions that might be employed to curb the tide of abandonment. The team analyzed the social, economic, environmental, and organizational value of various programming strategies and crafted proposals that create permanent value out of a transitional use.

The team then chose a vacant lot owned by Jericho Road to build a prototypical scheme. The scheme seeks to encourage the growth of the urban tree canopy while discouraging blight and uses a simple, modular fencing system that can be disassembled and reassembled. The prototypical site was presented at the 2012 Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference. The prototypical schemes were implemented on additional Jericho Road properties in the Fall of 2012, and these schemes continue to inform Jericho Road’s approach to vacant properties. These designs serve as an impetus for city-wide discussion and investigation to improve the empty spaces and ultimately the entire city.

Fall 2012


Project Lead

Seth Welty, advising professor
Dan Etheridge, TCC lead

Project Team

Evan Amato
Arthur Ostrowski
Sarah Satterlee
Dave Fruzynski


Jericho Road