In August 2014, the Tulane City Center moved into its new home at 1725 Baronne Street in Central City. This 7,000 square foot permanent headquarters hosts studios, seminars, community events, and fabrication projects and is enabling the TCC to expand its reach and impact.  

The 2014 Fall TCC|build studio focused on interior buildouts to enable the TCC to further tailor the facility to its needs. The studio worked with TCC staff to develop an overall concept and to prioritize office space, exhibition walls, workspace, and shop layout. Students were also informed by input from a series of hardhat tours TCC had conducted with School of Architecture faculty and current and past project partners while the building was still under construction in order to gather suggestions for the facility that would best serve the community.

The studio’s work focused on three key spaces:

1) The community storefront as an active space for programming community events, workshops, lectures, and displays. Here, students designed and constructed moving walls for exhibitions and playful seating to activate the storefront window.

2) The studio and office space for students, staff, and faculty to use in their work on community-based design projects. This work included building their own studio desks, a wall of shelves that delineates the TCC staff space, and three micro-offices for focused, independent work.

3) The shop space, which accommodates 2 community-based TCC|build studios a year, in addition to URBANbuild. The students thought through appropriate workflow, safety, and signage and created material storage that supports a material library space.

Included in this semester’s project was a shorter project with community partner APEX, an organization providing afterschool programming for the neighborhood’s school-aged youth. The studio designed and built a large bench for the center’s basketball court as basketball is a popular afterschool activity at APEX. This exercise allowed TCC students to learn construction skills and to experience the collaborative, community-driven design process that TCC’s facility will continue to host.

Fall 2014


Project Team

Katherine Allen
Hillary Bocash
Rachel Boynton
Kayleigh Bruentrup

Victoria Cohen
Sara Conner
Elizabeth Himmel
Tanya Hockney
Kelsey Howard
Stuart Hurt
Matthew Lamm,

Stephanie Mears
Tatyana Moraczewski
Matthew Ngo
Heather Tischler




Project Leads

Emilie Taylor

Special Thanks to::

Kenneth Schwartz
Carl Westerman 
Gulf Coast Housing Partnership
FH Meyers 


2015 Louisiana Landmarks Society Award
for Excellence in Historic Preservation