The Neighborhood Story Project (NSP) is a documentary book-making nonprofit in New Orleans. Through writing, interviews, and photography, neighborhood writers create portraits of their places. They then edit the stories with other residents from their neighborhoods to create inclusive and honest publications. Writers of NSP books range from local high school students to social aid and pleasure clubs.

Tulane Architecture students completed a design/build project in the 7th Ward neighborhood as part of a Fall 2009 Tulane City Center studio. Working in collaboration with the NSP, the studio designed an interview space as well as storage and office space. The design strategy involves many small components which are easy to fabricate, transport, and combine to form several storage walls. Those walls, backed with a translucent plastic to allow light in, act to partition a more intimate interview space. The goal of the design is to highlight and facilitate the work of the NSP by creating a multifunctional wall to showcase their publications while also creating a space for the conversations being collected for future publications.

This project is supported by a grant distributed by Transforma Projects/National Performance Network, thanks to the generous support from the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts. Special thanks also go to Dash Lumber for their support.

Fall 2009


Project Team

Danielle Abelow
Ryan Anderson
Ben Flatau
Matt Fox
Jennifer Gaugler
Meghan Hartney
Whitney Huver
Garrett Jacobs
Ana Jimenez
Jason Liu
Lauren Martino
Frederica Merkel
Marian Prado
Sarah Rinehart
Karla Valdivia

Project Lead

Emilie Taylor


Neighborhood Story Project