Department of Housing and Urban Development
Environmental Protection Agency
Department of Transportation

The Scale Shift proposal was initiated as a demonstration project for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Transportation. Through a collaboration with HUD's Office and University Partnerships and the Tulane School of Architecture (TSA), the proposal identifies a new opportunity for partnerships.

The project team proposed a multi-year urban development demonstration project that expands on the design/build approach so successfully executed previously at the single-family home scale. The project focuses on the demonstration of relatively small scales of mid-density, multi-family housing as a means of rebuilding several blocks of the city while addressing fundamental issues of infrastructure. The proposal uses the word “infrastructure” to mean both physical infrastructure (landscape, utilities, site amenities) and service infrastructure (transportation, schools, jobs, community empowerment, etc.).

The proposed project was designed to build on TCC’s well-established relationship with neighborhood-based organizations and community development corporations in this part of New Orleans and to continue to expand what residents feel is possible for their neighborhood with respect to housing, economic opportunity, and environmental stability. 


Project Team

Coleman Coker
Judith Kinnard
Scott Bernhard
Will Bradshaw