The mission of Ride New Orleans is to enhance the quality of life in the New Orleans region by promoting safe, convenient and affordable transportation options.

Tulane City Center worked with the transit advocacy group in the development of proposals to address two issues prominent in the city: the need for a transit hub in the Central Business District (CBD) and the design of transit-centric public space at critical intersections. For the hub, graphic material was developed to illuminate total transit usage in the city, the prominence of specific transportation routes, and the critical interchange between these vital lines in the CBD. Scenarios illustrating the complexity of transfers and the confusion of stops in the area were illustrated to support the argument for aggregating these disparate connection points in a central location. Along with rider survey results conducted by the project sponsor, best practice studies and historic precedents were assembled in a graphically descriptive format to serve as primary material to advocate for a new transit hub in the CBD.

Additionally, key intersections were investigated where transfers between multiple routes or modes of transit occur. The work described numerous hazards presented by these transfers and created by the overlap of pedestrian traffic in areas spatially oriented to vehicular modes of travel. Multiple scenarios were developed using transit-centric urban design to reimagine these intersections, from tactical manipulations to intensive realignments of the existing trees. The proposals serve as potentials for the chosen intersections but are also strategic designs intended to adapt to similar conditions throughout the city, a model for more transit use within urban space.

In conjunction with the study, Ride New Orleans hosted a “Day of Action” at the bus stops along Elk Place between Tulane Avenue and Canal Street. This Day of Action involved 200 temporary folding chairs being put out at a major bus pick up/drop off spot which hosts about 5,000 riders per day but has little infrastructure.




Project Leads

Jonathan Tate
Cordula Roser Gray advising professors
Dan Etheridge, TCC lead

Project Team

Michelle Carroll
Kathy Mu
Robert Mosby
Kristian Mizes


RNO Transit Advocacy