Pyramid Resources Wellness Institute (PRWI) provides treatment services for persons in the greater New Orleans area who are homeless, have mental illness diagnosis, or have co-occurring substance use and mental illness. PRWI provides housing assistance and intensive individualized support services under the direction of a treatment team consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical staff, nurses, support professionals, case managers, and others as needed.

The TCC build studio team worked with the staff and residents of the Pyramid House to design their common outdoor space into an area that can adapt to the multiple needs of the residents--a space that can accommodate group meetings, outdoor dining, conflict resolution, and other activities and that provides a calming outdoor environment for the clients and staff of the facility. Construction of the outdoor space and shade structures was completed in December of 2012.

Fall 2012


Project Team

Steven Baker
Victoria Bryant
Jose Cotto
Katherine Delacey
Hunter Duplantier
Gage Edwards
Rena Foster
Emily Green
Charlotte Hutton
Baha Javadi
Whitney Jordan
Leslie Katz
Michael Kirschner
Sarah Knapp
Jacob McGregor
Kevin Michniok
Danielle Musselman
Alison Rodberg
Risa Schoenfeld
Guan Wang
Grant Whittaker
William Zink

Project Lead

Emilie Taylor
Abigail Feldman
Sam Richards


Guardians Institute
RuffWorks Studio
Alembic Community Development