House of Dance and Feathers

House of Dance and Feathers

In cooperation with Mr. Lewis, Tulane City Center and Project Locus designed and constructed an enclosed, 500 sq. ft. space for the House of Dance and Feathers. This small-scale neighborhood museum is a repository of cultural artifacts, focusing on Mardi Gras Indians, history of Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs, and the Lower Ninth Ward community, for educational purposes. Within the structure, there are spaces for display, gathering, and working. In addition, the students redesigned and rehabilitated the Lewis Residence. The House of Dance and Feathers and Lewis Residence were completed on August 15, 2006.

Ronald Lewis’s House of Dance and Feathers celebrates the oldest social aid and pleasure club in the Ninth Ward, the Big Nine Social Club, and Mardi Gras Indian tribes throughout New Orleans. Architecture students from around the country (a majority from Kansas State University) rebuilt the backyard museum to help reconstruct a sense of history and identity for this unique culture after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the original location. The museum, a flagship of the devastated Lower Ninth Ward, was rebuilt as a practical and cultural design resource for members of the community.

1317 Tupelo Street
(Lower Ninth Ward)

House of Dance and Feathers

Project Team

Patrick Rhodes, Advising Professor
Students from Kansas State
Dan Etheridge, Tulane City Center
Sarah Gamble, CITYbuild
Ronald Lewis, House of Dance and Feathers

Published In

Oz, Cite, Domus, New York Times,
Design for the Other 90%


Tulane City Center
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