This fourth URBANbuild prototype involved a class of 25 design students in the fall and 18 student builders in the spring semester. This house is a study in sustainable building practices and achieved LEED silver certification.

The 1200 s.f. scheme is one story with a footprint of 24’ by 71’ and is situated on a corner lot in New Orleans’ Central City neighborhood. Exterior walls are activated with an operable, impact-resistant screened panel system. The overall form of the house is simple so that the screen system becomes the defining aspect of the project. In response to New Orleans shutter systems, typically used for shading and hurricane protection, the sliding panels can cover the interior public areas of the home or be moved to provide shading for the exterior porch spaces.

URBANbuild’s partner in the development of these houses is Neighborhood Housing Services, and Tony Christiana is the contractor of record.

2036 Seventh St. New Orleans, LA

(Seventh at Saratoga)

Project Team

Robert Baddour, Amanda Brendle, Ben Flatau, Monica Breziner, Nicholas Cecchi, Katie Champagne, Nick Chan, Chad Cramer, Susan N. Danielson, Shannon Farrell, Matt Fox, Kevin Garfield, Lauren Goetz, Royce Evan Gracey, Corey Green, Chris Halbrooks, Meaghan Hartney, Matthew Hostetler, Colm M. Kennedy, Joseph Keppel, Peter Kilgust, Nicolas Mallet, Lauren Martino, Suzanne Monaco, Emily Orgeron, JP Pacelli, Marian Prado, Marie Richard, Gregor Schuller, Kevin Tully, Karla Valdivia, Colin VanWingen, Bliss Young


Project Lead

Byron Mouton, Program Director & Architect of Record

Sam Richards, Construction Co-Director

Doris Guerrero, Adjunct Faculty

Emilie Taylor, Senior Program Coordinator

Anthony Christiana Construction, General Contractor


Neighborhood Housing Services