URBANbuild’s third construction prototype is a study in compact housing for substandard lots. The scheme is two stories with a footprint of 25’ by 31’. The 1200 s.f. house is situated on an active corner in New Orleans’ Central City neighborhood and responds to this condition by stacking the more private sleeping spaces above the public living spaces. In form, the house is defined and sheltered by a 6” wall made of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) which snakes around to expose the public spaces to a dialogue with the street while protecting the quieter bedrooms above. This third URBANbuild investigation with the use of SIPs might offer potentials for the development of affordable housing in New Orleans.

1900 Seventh St, New Orleans

Project lead

Byron Mouton, Program Director & Architect of Record

Sam Richards, Construction Co-Director

Emilie Taylor, Senior Program Coordinator

Project team

Christina Alvarado-Suarez, Adriana Camacho, Ian Daniels, Amarit Dulyapaibul, Nik Haak, Chris Halbrooks, Cassandra Howard, Kimberly Lewis, Caroline Lossack, Alex Mangimelli, Nicole Magnellia, Eric McClam, Scott Mucci, Casey Roccanova, Amanda Rosen, Carter Scott, Steve Smith, Lori Storm


Published in

Architectural Record, Metropolis Magazine, Sundance Network documentary “Architecture School”


Tulane City Center, Neighborhood Housing Services, CITYbuild