URBANbuild’s second built prototype is a study in compact housing for substandard lots. Built on a 28’ wide by 100’ long corner site, this prototype is a variation on the common New Orleans “camelback”. The 1320 s.f. plan is efficient and the scheme can be expanded to take advantage of a larger lot. In form, the house is sheltered by two folded, metal clad walls which house the program, entry, and porches. This house takes advantage of its corner lot and engages the two street fronts by drawing the porches and entry around the side of the building. Built with panelized steel stud walls, Prototype 2 is also an experiment in new building technologies and their potentials in the process of rebuilding the city.

2856 Dryades st.

(Dryades at Sixth)

Project lead

Byron Mouton, Program Director & Architect of Record

Sam Richards, Construction Co-Director

Emilie Taylor, Senior Program Coordinator

Project team

Emily Brudenell, Vincent Cangiamilla, Victoria Hernandez, Greg Hayslett, Emily Levings, Kristyn Cosgrove, Jordan Gargas, Tyler Hutcherson, Charles Lucia, Trevor Meeks, David Merlin, Craig Parker, Matt Shaver, Kristine Shull, Diana Steig, Francisco Tirado, Sam Vasquez, Ben Wasserman, Jesse Zryb

Published in

Architectural Record, Metal Mag, National Public Radio

exhibited in

Ogden Muesum, New Orleans City Hall


Tulane City Center, Neighborhood Housing Services, CITYbuild