The scheme chosen for construction in the Summer of 2006 deals with issues of programmatic adaptability, newly required elevation from the ground in response to major flooding, and maintaining the relationship of the dwelling to the typical public activities of New Orleans neighborhoods. The 1370 s.f. house is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, single family residence that can be built with slight variations, which produce a dualistic scheme: accommodating multi generational living or two family living. Drawing from local traditions, the porch acts as a stage for the interaction between the public street front and the private family residence. In response to the storm, the porch and entry sequence also mediates the distance between the ground and the new desired living elevation.

Project Lead

Byron Mouton, Program Co-Director
Sam Richards, Construction Co-Director
Emilie Taylor, Project Manager

Project Team

Jared Bowers, Ned Brown, Claire Cahan, Nick Crowley, Robert Deacon, David Demsey, Mark Enlow, Jason Heinze, Tyler Hutcherson, Matt Hux, Maggie Joyce, Nicole McGlinn, Andrea Patrick, Jonathon Reyes Carlos Sanchez, Heather Skeehan, Emilie Taylor, Steve Thesman, Ben Wasserman, Seth Welty, Daniel Zangara


Published In

Domus, Cite, Times Picayune, Modern Shoestring, NY Times

Exhibited In

Venice Biennale, Ogden Muesum, Project NOLA