New Orleans Dance Collective (NODC) actively links dance and social work and seeks to address the overwhelming need for positive, esteem-building dance activities for inner-city at-risk youth. NODC’s mission is to celebrate community and diversity by providing dance programs utilizing group therapy techniques as a means of intervention and to positively affect behavior through dance within a group setting.

The Tulane City Center team worked with the NODC to envision a building on Bienville that would house the programs and events of the NODC. The design concept for NODC revolves around the idea of generating an important node and landmark in the neighborhood. The facade of the building is designed to operate as an interface that generates a connection between the NODC activities and the street. The building is organized around an outdoor courtyard that acts as a main gathering and exchange area for the users of the different public and private spaces. The dance studios above expose the NODC activities to the street through the glass and metal mesh facade that allows a strong visual connection with the interior spaces. At night, the mesh allows the light to expand toward the street causing the dance studios to glow. The NODC project is one of several projects that is funded by Johnson Controls Inc., as part of the annual Request for Proposals.

Summer 2012


Project Team

Jade Jiambutar
Jason Levy
Nicholas Sackos

Project Lead

Marcella del Signore, advising professor
Dan Etheridge, TCC lead


New Orleans Dance Collective