Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans (NHS) was founded in 1976 as a private, non-profit housing corporation with the belief that a partnership between local residents, financial institutions, businesses, and local government can stop decline, promote reinvestment, and restore pride and confidence in urban neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) Design/Build Center (DBC) seeks to elevate design and construction quality in the widespread, sustainable, and equitable recovery and redevelopment of New Orleans.  

The DBC represents the formalization of a joint venture between NHS, established in 1976, and the Tulane City Center, which has been operating productively since 2005. The partnership was established in the wake of Katrina to leverage missions and resources towards disaster recovery, community reinvestment, and the restoration of pride and confidence in New Orleans’ neighborhoods.

The goals of the DBC are to translate redevelopment plans into community-driven implementation strategies and to support community involvement and investment in the recovery of houses and neighborhoods. The DBC achieves this goal by supplying affordable housing design for individuals and non-profits, urban design for community driven streetscape and public space projects, participatory visioning and design services, project programming, and project pre-development. 


Project Team

Tulane City Center
Scott Bernhard
Dan Etheridge
Emilie Taylor

Neighborhood Housing Services
Randy Michaelson, Director of Design Build Center
Sarah Olivier, Associate Director of Design Build Center

Student Interns
Ben Wasserman
Colin Van Wiggen
Corey Green
Karla Valdivia
Nick Chan


Project Lead

Doris Guerrero


Neighborhood Housing Services