Hey, New Orleans community-based organizations!

Have an idea for a design or planning project you want to get started? Small Center (formerly Tulane City Center) wants to hear from you! A jury will select two different local projects and Small Center will provide them with free design and planning services.

To qualify for the program you must:

  1. Be based in New Orleans
  2. Be a non-profit organization (or operate under the sponsorship of another non-profit)
  3. Have a specific design or planning project

Important deadlines: 

  •  3/20, 5:30 pm – Q&A Session w/ Small Center staff, 1725 Baronne
  • 5/1, 5 pm – RFP Applications Due

This is a 3-page application process. Please download the application packet HERE for more information. If you have any questions,  contact us at 504.314.2330 or baronne@tulane.edu.