City Center’s Public Interest Design Fellowship offers an opportunity to nurture young designers who seek to dedicate their careers to serving the public interest. Over the course of an intensive 8-week Fellowship, PID Fellows put their design education into practice by offering focused design support to advance community driven projects and working in collaboration with real stakeholders. Over the summer, the Fellows refine professional design and communication skills applicable to future careers in the discipline, while developing a nuanced and holistic perspective on the impact of community based design work can have on the quality of life.

This summer, City Center has partnered with four different organizations – Lead Exposure Assessment for Drinking Water Study (LEAD Study), Education Research Alliance (ERA), Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance (GNOHA), and Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center (GNOFHAC) – to complete graphic design projects that will be used for advocacyand education. Below are the design questions guiding each project: 

LEAD: How can we create visual tools explaining the dangers of chronic lead exposure to low-income residents in New Orleans and to inspire residents to take action to protect themselves?

ERA: How can we use mapping to identify how a decentralized charter school system could better interface with a decentralized healthcare systems? 

GNOHA: How can we develop visual tools to educate the public about the benefits of high density housing?

GNOFHAC: How could visual tools advocate for the creation of a safe housing ordinance?

Please join us at 1725 Baronne from 4-6 pm on Friday, July 22nd, to celebrate the culmination of the fellowship and our summer projects! Food and drinks provided. RSVP here or by emailing