We're excited to announce the appointment of Nick Jenisch, AICP as a full time Project Manager.


Nick has been engaged in public sector planning and public interest design for 11 years, managing projects for the Tulane Regional Urban Design Center, and for the Small Center in recent years. With a background in architecture (TSA ’03) and urban design, recent projects encompass architectural design/build, water management, park & public open space design, and cultural sustainability. Though focused on local planning, policy, and design implementation, he has also directed multiple international regional planning and urban design projects. His work throughout China ranges from the first national-level scenic highway and lakefront development in Changxing to new town master plans for the cities of Longpao and Jintang. He has created design guidelines for three cities, and organized and hosted five sessions of the Mayors’ Institute on City Design.  

Nick is focused on engaged planning and design to educate, identify needs and priorities of partner organizations, spur collaborative action, and influence policy decisions. His work at Small Center includes site-specific projects such as the Hollygrove Greenline, featuring a water management demonstration pavilion and rain gardens, and project management for design-build studios. Working to address the larger issues facing our city, his research focuses on cultural sustainability and neighborhood stability through urban density, affordable housing, schools, and health.