Established in 1989, the New Orleans Mission is a private 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization initially created as a service provider for a growing population of homeless men living in our city. Today, New Orleans Mission is the largest faith-based private service provider among 60 shelters catering to the homeless population of New Orleans. Our overnight shelter capacity has grown from 80 men to 244, including 32 women. 

The City Center worked with the New Orleans Mission on a small visioning packet that articulates the Mission’s current activities and properties and their plans for expansion in the near future. The booklet allows The Mission to tell their story and raise support and funds to carry out their vision. In addition to developing a visioning packet, our Graduate Research Assistants Jake Lazere and Danielle Musselman established plans and diagrams that enabled The Mission to increase the beds in their women's facility from 11 to 32 beds. The bed increase was approved and implemented around Christmas of 2013.

Fall 2013


Project Lead

Emilie Taylor

Project Team

Jake Lazere
Danielle Musselman