In Fall 2010, Morris Jeff Community School (MJCS) opened its doors as one of the most racially and economically diverse open-access public schools in the history of New Orleans. Morris Jeff Community School now serves children in grades Pre-K to 8.   

When Morris Jeff Community School opened its doors, the school served grades Pre-K through 2 and planned to expand gradually through 8th grade. Anticipating that growth, the purpose of this project was to provide MJCS and its constituents with the necessary framework to effectively engage the Recovery School District (RSD), the project architect, and Mid-City community in the school facility planning process for the Fisk-Howard site. The research and resulting booklet produced by the TCC is not a design proposal, nor a substitute for the important work of the School Facilities Master Plan (SFMP) or RSD. Rather, the document simply presents background information critical to the design process for the Morris Jeff community.

This pre-design information falls into three principal categories: the proposed school’s size, site, and program. Each of these areas of consideration have major architectural implications for any design proposal. By encouraging a common understanding of these fundamental criteria, the school community will not only be able to effectively engage in the planning process but will also be seen as a valuable partner in that process. The ultimate goal for all parties was to produce the best school facility possible--one that not only meets basic requirements, but also takes full advantage of this historic opportunity by creating an excellent learning environment for the children of the Mid-City neighborhood and the New Orleans community in general.


Project Lead

Joseph Kimbrell, advising alumni;
Dan Etheridge, TCC Lead

Project Team

Allison Powell
Marda Lugar