Pyramid Resources Wellness Institute (PRWI) provides treatment services for persons in the greater New Orleans area who are homeless, have mental illness diagnosis, or have co-occurring substance use and mental illness. PRWI provides housing assistance and intensive individualized support services under the direction of a treatment team consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical staff, nurses, support professionals, case managers, and others as needed. 

One in six people in the City of New Orleans has a mental illness. While a growing number of people are seeking mental wellness, there has been a dramatic decrease in funding for mental health programming and assistance both at state and federal levels. While working on a TCC|build project with Pyramid Wellness, a mental health treatment facility in Mid City, a small team of students began working on a campaign to raise awareness of this issue. The team produced a series of posters, postcards, magnets, stickers, and newspaper ads targeted to reach people struggling with mental illness with information on mental wellness resources available in the New Orleans area and on the prevalence of mental illness in New Orleans. The resource card lists local treatment providers for those in crisis and also lets people know that they are not alone in dealing with the issues. The team organized a series of distribution days over the summer to place the resources in corner stores, shelters, and coffee shops throughout the city.

Spring 2013


Project Lead

Emilie Taylor

Project Team

Jose Cotto
Emily Green
Baha Javadi
Alison Rodberg



Pyramid Wellness Institute