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Magellan Street Garden is a community garden in Algiers led by Tony Lee, a retired electrician, veteran, and founder and Lead Gardener of the Parkway Partners Community Garden.  

The Tulane City Center studio worked with Tony to design and construct a shade structure that collects rainwater and uses it to feed a constructed wetland on site. The structure also houses raised beds, tool storage, and ground cover strategies to support Tony’s aim for a community resource and teaching space.

Led by Tulane faculty Doug Harmon and Sam Richards, a team of 12 students worked on the design and fabrication of the garden in 12 weeks. Work began in January and was completed in May of 2013. The team devised a kit-of-parts strategy, which enabled them to build the roof structure, planters, and benches at the school’s shop and then transport them in one moving day. The garden design serves as a demonstration of rainwater collection and onsite water management strategies.

Spring 2013


Project Team

Sarah Cumming
Michelle Finan
Elisha Grossman
Annelise Haskell
Kristen Korndoefer
James Lacroix
Katlyn Leach
Gregory Mathieu
William Nemitoff
Devin Reynolds
Kyle Ryan
Fan Xiong

Project Leads

Doug Harmon
Sam Richards
Dan Etheridge
Emilie Taylor


Cecil Howell, Landscape Architect
Walter Zehner, Structural Engineer
Parkway Partners
Dash Lumber