The Lower Ninth Ward Food Access Coalition is a group of Lower Ninth Ward community leaders and residents committed to addressing the food access issues of the Lower Ninth Ward, which is considered a “food desert” by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Coalition formed in 2012 from the Food Action Planning Initiative, led by the Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development in an effort to organize Lower 9th Ward residents to create a plan and advocate for access to quality food in their own community.

Tulane City Center supported the Coalition’s “Grocery Store For A Day” project in October 2012 – a one day pop-up grocery store set up in the parking lot of a neighborhood church. The purpose of this project was to draw the attention of residents, media, and government officials to the issue of poor food access in the Lower Ninth Ward. TCC students designed and built temporary walls for the grocery store, developed and printed site maps, and created large-scale signage for the event. When the Food Action Plan document was completed, TCC helped the Coalition to present the Plan at a roundtable discussion with councilmembers Stacy Head and James Gray, along with several grocery store operators and community leaders.

Fall 2012


Project Leads

Maurice Cox
Jenga Mwendo

Project Team

Evan Morris
Natan Diacon-Furtado

Partnering Organizations

Lower Ninth Ward Food Access Coalition
Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development