Established as a non-profit housing and community development organization in 2008, Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative (JPNSI) is committed to creating sustainable, democratic, and economically just neighborhoods and communities. Utilizing the Community Land Trust (CLT) model of land stewardship and shared equity, JPNSI works to increase the range of affordable housing options available to low and moderate income residents by:

a) encouraging resident-controlled development,
b) providing shared-equity models of homeownership, cooperative housing, and rental opportunities, and
c) promoting community-building initiatives that advance equitable housing patterns, neighborhood stability, and community driven land use planning.

The Tulane City Center and the Tulane School of Architecture Master of Sustainable Real Estate Development program worked with JPNSI to understand the housing options in the two buildings JPNSI owns. A large part of the project involved understanding the legal complexities of cooperative housing and making decisions for the nonprofit’s future based on examples of cooperative housing in other cities. The project team traveled to New York City to research precedents and developed reports that outlined the framework of a Community Land Trust and a vision for the JPNSI buildings.

This process informed how JPNSI proceeded to implement the CLT. In 2015, JPNSI broke ground on the 2739 Palmyra building’s renovation. The historic building will be transformed into a multi-family apartment building, using a combination of historic tax credits, loans and grants to fund the project. Using the Community Land Trust (CLT) model, JPNSI will establish this small facility as a model for permanently affordable housing in Mid-City. 


Project Team

John Nelson
Evan Amato
Brian Sulley
Andrew Mayronne

Project Lead

Cordula Roser Gray
Casius Pealer


Jane Plane