The Idea Village is an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to identify, support, and retain entrepreneurial talent in New Orleans. To address the physical and resource issues faced by recovering businesses in New Orleans, the Idea Village developed a network of community Business Innovation Centers. These Centers are intended as catalysts to redevelop robust and neighborhood-specific commercial corridors. The Business Innovation Centers provide access to retail, technology, technical assistance, financial services, and other essential resources as a catalyst to fuel innovation and private investment throughout the community.

The Tulane City Center, in partnership with CCWIV Architects, provided schematic design services to Idea Village when the nonprofit acquired a building in the 9th ward to develop the first Business Innovation Center along the North Galvez street commercial corridor. The Tulane City Center provided a site assessment and schematic design package and supported CCWIV Architects in project implementation.


The North Galvez business center was completed in the Spring of 2008.

Project Team

Alan Lewis
David Demsey
Emilie Taylor
Carl Westerman
CCWIV Architects
Miji Park
Alan Bell
Idea Village

Published in

The Times Picayune


Idea Village