Respecting the dignity and potential of each human person, Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans collaborates with the wider community to serve those in need regardless of race, religion, age, ethnicity or economic status. CCANO offers life-giving programs, advocates for the voiceless, and empowers the poor and vulnerable no matter who they are.

The design approach for Hope Haven Farm aims to integrate multiple functions within the area to attract community members and to reconnect the existing programs located at the Hope Haven Campus. The farm area is divided into two main zones: one close to the north entrance of Cafe Hope and a second located between Barataria Blvd and 10th Avenue. A one-way road is created to provide independent access to the cafe and the farm.

The farm is organized by a grid that separates and organizes the main functions. The first aim is to locate different activities in the area close to the cafe to integrate the farm as much as possible with community activities, such as the market and learning programs. The area close to the north side of the building contains an array of activities such as an herb farm, market, and seating areas, all integrated within the larger idea of the campus use. The market is designed to play a key role in generating economic support for the farm and the cafe itself while at the same time attracting community members to the site.

The second and larger area is designated for development through a sustainable farming model with the idea to use its produce at Cafe Hope and the market in order to generate continuous interaction between visitors, residents, workers, and people who operate in the Campus. The principal vision is to generate programs that seek the highest integration between the farm, the people that operate it, and the visitors.


Project Lead

Marcella Del Signore

Project Team

Research and Design Team:
Kristian Mizes, TCC intern
Travis Bost, TCC intern
Jason Liu, TCC intern
Thomas J Bogan, TCC intern

Pierre Stouse, structural consultant
Mike Ducote, electrical consultant
Chuck Sardi, mechanical consultant