Located within New Orleans' Central City, the Holy Ghost neighborhood is bound by Claiborne Avenue, General Taylor Street, St. Charles Avenue, and Washington Avenue. The area is named for the Holy Ghost Catholic Church which was originally established to serve the large African American population of Central City.

Commercial establishments are primarily on the major corridors of the neighborhood, while the interior is predominantly composed of typical New Orleans residential building typologies such as shotgun and corner stores. While it is a vibrant neighborhood, it is lacking in quality affordable housing. 

The Holy Ghost House is a three bedroom, two bath, single family home occupying 1400 square feet on a single level. In both its massing and its material palette, the house retains continuity with its neighboring shotguns. Private spaces comprise a conventional shotgun block from which the communal spaces are carved. These more public areas respond to the adjacent streetscapes, allowing for fluid interaction between the house's inhabitants and the surrounding neighborhood. The metal roof wraps down the south side of the house, anchoring one edge of the project while allowing the others to remain open and permeable to the street life that lends this neighborhood its vibrancy. This permeability allows for passive air flow, while the active systems also contribute to the house's increased energy efficiency.


Project Team

Jennifer Good Zurik
Carol Knight
Emilie Taylor
Tulane URBANbuild Summer/Fall 2005


Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans, Inc.