The Shade Units design/build project operates in conjunction with the Hollygrove Market and larger Hollygrove Farm site. It is conceived of as an exterior extension of the sustainable marketplace currently operating out of the existing building. Carefully placed mobile modular units create a multi-functional seating area that is further defined by expandable shading screens and movable bench and table components. These units are designed to serve as a work and storage space, outdoor classroom, and casual gathering facility. The utilization of recycled and recyclable materials, an economy of means, and maximum spatial flexibility formulate an agenda that closely follows the general demand for sustainable living and a closely connected neighborhood community.

This project is one of a series of projects with the Hollygrove Market and Farm, the goals of which are to increase accessibility of fresh produce in underserved neighborhoods and to promote sustainability through support of locally-grown produce. Accessibility to fresh produce means that it is both available and affordable. Sustainability refers to the economic, social, and environmental benefits that occur: shorter transport distances for produce, increased support and incentives for local producers, and the formation of a secure source of produce.

Project Lead

Cordula Roser Gray
Sam Richards

Project Team

Jonas Flax
Kevin Garfield
Chris Jackson
Peter Kilgust
Andrew Liles
Kate O’Connor
JP Pacelli
Kevin Tulley
Karla Valdivia
Bliss Young

Special Thanks to ::

Dash Lumber


Carrollton-Hollygrove CDC
New Orleans Food and Farm Network