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The Hollygrove Greenline project seeks to make a neighborhood amenity out of a divisive infrastructural corridor. Located in a low-lying district of New Orleans between Carrollton Avenue and the Jefferson Parish line, the district was crossed by major urban infrastructure long before any residential building occurred there.

The initiative explores and demonstrates how a 50-foot wide swath of land above an underground canal could create a series of spaces for neighborhood activities. The project layers green infrastructure strategies over conventional engineering practices in an effort to support neighborhood enhancement and economic development.

TCC’s involvement with the project began with research and documentation of the area’s historical, physical, and social contexts. This analysis stimulated the development of initial proposals for the corridor that were presented at a series of community meetings with iterative design following community input.

The band of vacant land that constitutes the Greenline cuts diagonally across the city grid of the neighborhood, and several different types of open space are thus created. Design strategies have focused on the development of these spaces as essential neighborhood infrastructure in the form of public park space, water management systems, community gardens, and urban farms. Through continued engagement with neighborhood stakeholders, the Greenline project aims to transform these otherwise derelict lots into active and healthy community spaces.

Construction for phase 1 of the Greenline was completed in the spring/summer of 2014, providing shade trees, landscape elements to define open space and create site edges, and a large rain garden that captures all site runoff. 



Project Lead

Judith Kinnard, FAIA
Nick Jenisch

Project Team

Michael Cohen
Zachary Gong
Ian O’Cain
Scott Mikawa