Tulane students completed the Hollygrove Growers Pavilion, which jump-started the development of the entire Hollygrove Green Growers and Urban Farm master plan. Led by a few faculty members, the team designed and built a structure which provides a shaded space for teaching and serves as an example of environmentally conscious building. The pavilion collects rainwater for use in the training gardens, incorporates recycled-content building materials, and has a focus on minimizing construction waste.

Located in the heart of New Orleans, the Carrollton-Hollygrove Neighborhood is in desperate need of extensive redevelopment in the post-Katrina era. One urgent issue is the development of infrastructure and resources that support a healthy food system and benefit the community through the availability of fresh foods, beautiful neighborhoods and the promotion of a vibrant local economy. To implement some of these important incentives, the Carrollton-Hollygrove Community Development Corporation (CHCDC) and the New Orleans Food and Farm Network (NOFFN) have partnered with the Tulane City Center to create the Hollygrove Growers Market & Farm (HGM&F), a storefront retail center in Hollygrove offering locally-grown, affordable, fresh produce as well as ‘green jobs’ certification programs in urban agriculture.

Project Lead

Cordula Roser
Sam Richards
Emilie Taylor

Project Team

Nels Erickson, Ian Daniels
Joseph Kimbrell, Dominic Lang
Kimberly Lewis, Joe Rodriguez
Jeff Schwartz, Mike Visintainer