The mission of the Grow Dat Youth Farm is to nurture a diverse group of young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food. On the farm, youth work collaboratively to produce healthy food for local residents and to inspire personal, social, and environmental change in their own communities. Grow Dat is a place where people from different backgrounds and disciplines come together in research and practice to support public health, local economies, and a sustainable food system in South Louisiana.

The concept for the Grow Dat Youth Farm grew out of the strong partnership between the Tulane City Center and the New Orleans Food and Farm Network with support from The Social Entrepreneurship Initiative at Tulane University. The project was made possible through collaboration between the Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives, several schools within Tulane University including the School of Architecture, Freeman School of Business, Levy-Rosenblum Institute for Entrepreneurship, Office of Community Affairs and Health Policy at the School of Medicine, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, School of Social Work, the Center for Public Service and New Orleans’ City Park.



Project Lead

Scott Bernhard, Architect of Record 
Dan Etheridge
Abigail Feldman
Johanna Gilligan
Zach Lamb
Sam Richards
Emilie Taylor
Seth Welty

Project Team

Mira Asher, Zin Min Aye, Steven Baker, Hee Cho, Sophie Dardant, Matt Decotiis, Rachel Finkelstein, Sean Fisher, Patrick Franke, Marianne Graffam, Seneca Gray, Ellen Hailey, Katie Healey, Natalia Hidalgo, Jade Jiambutr, Lindsey Kiefer, Mike Landry, Emile LeJeune, Vicky Leung, Sam Levin, Jason Levy, Marda Lugar, Mary Beth Luster, Jeremy Maloney, Rebecca Miller, Oren Mitzner, Ian O’Cain, Ellanny Page, Justin Park, Robert Pekara, Fernando Polo, Allison Powell, Cameron Ringness, Julie Sanders, Allison Schiller, Justin Siragusa, Christopher Tellone, Ana Lucia Teran, William Trakas, Claire Tritschler, Erin Vaughn, Nichole Woggon, Brad Rohman, Michael Welsh, Jen Wickham

Special Thanks to ::

John and Anne Mullen
Maziar Behrooz
Walter Zehner
Gaea Engineering Consultants
ConGlobal Industries
Dash Lumber
Simpson Strong Ties
James Hardie


City Park New Orleans
Clean Plate Projects
Tulane University
Tulane Social Entrepreneurship
Tulane School of Medicine