Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans (NHS) was founded in 1976 as a private, non-profit housing corporation with the belief that a partnership between local residents, financial institutions, businesses, and local government can stop decline, promote reinvestment, and restore pride and confidence in urban neighborhoods.

Built by GREENbuild, a studio of thesis students, this prototype’s focus is on modular construction and the prefabrication process with an emphasis on eco-friendly building materials and methods. Working as individuals, in small groups, and as an entire studio team, students spent weeks designing an affordable, eco-friendly, and modular 1200 square foot home. The modules’ roofs are built flat to help brace the modules in transport and are hinged into position once on site to provide clerestory lighting. Additionally, the three modules can be reconfigured to fit different site conditions and provide varied outdoor porch spaces. The design is a result of green building techniques and modularity that can be adapted to different sites and neighborhoods with ease of construction at an affordable rate.

The studio’s chief emphasis was on eco-friendly approaches, and how those specific conditions impact our larger environment over time. The aim of this research was to develop an appropriate climatic and cultural prototype, one that could be produced and developed by the prefabrication industry for New Orleans.

Summer 2006


Project Team

Tim Adams Jr.
Rebecca Bortolin
Rob Cogliandro
Nick Crowley
Jason Heinze
Mike Kazanzis
Sean Kirkland
Joseph Lai
Andrea Martin Reade Nossoman
Adam Porter
Jonathan Reyes
Daren Sodowski
Ashley Sparks
David Siegel
Maggie Van Dusen
Jared Watson
Daniel Zangara

Project Lead

Coleman Coker
Fritz Bader

Exhibited In

Ogden Museum “Deconfusing Green”


Neighborhood Housing Services