Tulane School of Architecture Associate Professor Michael Crosby published a resource for climate sensitive design titled Green House Manual: North America: A Bioclimatic Design Analysis. The booklet is a manual of building typologies and case studies that serves as a reference for designers and students focused on the interaction between climate and building form. With dozens of excellent diagrams and drawings, the booklet demonstrates the way residential buildings can effectively respond to sun, wind, and seasonal changes in four distinct climate zones (cold, temperate, hot/humid, and hot/arid). This manual focuses on buildings in North America and is the first of a three-part series Professor Crosby is developing. Green House Manual: North America was produced with the help of the Tulane University School of Architecture and the Tulane City Center. 



Project Lead

Michael Crosby

Project Team

Chad Cramer
Michael Keller
Corey Greene
Patrick Kattner
Josh Mings
Kevin Tulley