The Faubourg St. Roch Project (FSRP) is a nonprofit founded after Hurricane Katrina dedicated to assisting the recovery and revitalization of the St. Roch neighborhood corridor, a target area which stretches from St. Claude Avenue to Independence Park. The FSRP focused on the neighborhood core, a 9 block segment, with plans to extend its focus into the surrounding neighborhood as its phased goals of sustainable renewal took shape. Through community participation, building infill, restoration of abandoned property, advanced environmental technology, and progressive business models, the group *is working towards creating a model for neighborhood revitalization in New Orleans.

The Tulane City Center partnered with the FSRP to assist with research and the creation of a database for use in further assessment and future development of target properties. By implementing data collection of property and housing conditions, occupation status, and research on other key tax and ownership data, the TCC was able to create a property database. that gave insight to those homes which were owner-occupied versus renter-occupied, homes which were still unoccupied, and homes which were occupied but required further renovation to be habitable. This information helped the FSRP to best assess strategies for assisting the neighborhood.

Project Team

Alison Popper

Project Lead

Dan Etheridge


Faubourg St. Roch Project
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