How High?: Thoughts about Elevating Your Home is a publication of the Tulane City Center. The publication is intended as a reference guide for elevating homes in the New Orleans/Gulf Coast region. The booklet investigates primary design issues associated with both raising existing homes and building new structures at elevations higher than is typical for similar structures. This publication seeks to assist homeowners who have made the decision to elevate their homes in order to mitigate flood risk but who have little or no access to information that helps them make the right decisions in this process. In addition to helping homeowners think through critical issues, How High? presents several case studies from the region to illustrate best practices for elevated living. Issues addressed include the effects of elevating a home on accessibility, the potential applications of useable space under the house, and the effects of a raised home on a city block and a larger neighborhood context.





Louisiana State University Ag Center
The Center for Hazard Assessment
Response and Technology at the University of New Orleans.

Project Team

Dan Etheridge
Emilie Taylor
Alison Popper
Scott Bernhard