Founded in 1854, 1,300-acre City Park is one of the nation’s oldest urban parks. Like much of New Orleans, City Park required extensive redevelopment after Hurricane Katrina. 

The Tulane City Center and New Orleans’ City Park worked together on an Eco Pavilion to showcase environmentally sensitive building strategies and technologies. Under the guidance of Architect Coleman Coker, the TCC team built the pavilion for City Park’s Fall Home and Garden Show, 2008. City Park’s Botanical Garden continues to use the Green Pavilion to provide the public with a full scale educational model of how sustainable technologies can be employed. The Pavilion includes a rainwater-catching roof, indigenous plants, salvaged materials, and rainwater filtration systems. The intention of this approachable and informative exhibition is to make these alternative building methods accessible to the public in the hope that individuals might choose to rebuild their homes and gardens in a more sustainable way. The Eco Pavilion is one project in a larger ongoing partnership between City Park and the TCC.


Project Team

Coleman Coker, advising professor
Dan Etheridge, advising professor
Seth Welty, TCC design|build team
Tom Holloman, design| build team
Zach Lamb, design|build team
David Dieckhoff, design|build team
Emilie Taylor, TCC design|build team



City Park New Orleans