The Dew Drop Inn represents one of the most significant music heritage sites in New Orleans. The Dew Drop had a rich and vibrant life rooted in civil rights and music yet closed its music venue around 1970 and was shuttered entirely by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It was given Historic Landmark status in 2010 and listed as an endangered New Orleans historic site by the Louisiana Landmarks society. The Dew Drop’s original family owners hope to revitalize the former neighborhood institution in order to give it new life and to bring music back to LaSalle Street in Central City.

Tulane City Center worked with the Painia Family and Milne Inspiration Center (MIC) to reactivate the site by reintroducing and reinterpreting its historic uses while introducing new programs for both music and youth. This is one of several projects led by Harmony Neighborhood Development along the historic LaSalle corridor to help revitalize the neighborhood. TCC provided architectural plans and a strategy to renovate the Dew Drop to accommodate MIC programming, a barbershop, a boutique hotel, and the historic supper club music venue.

In the fall of 2014, TCC also completed a temporary façade installation, which celebrates the history and culture of the site and announces that a revitalization effort is under way.



Project Team

TCC: Maurice Cox Nick Jenisch, Scott Mikawa, Jenny Renn Key, Vince Baudoin, Allison Price, Alisha Croft, Olivia Pontiff, Kathleen Smith, John Coyle, Peter Henseler, Rosemary Phillips, Michelle Brenner, Braham Berg, Matthew Cerick

Tulane Master of Preservation Studies: John Stubbs, Sarah Grace Godwin, Sarah Norman

Project Lead

Giovanna Galfione Cox


Tulane City Center, The Painia Family, Milne Inspiration Center, Harmony Neighborhood Development


National Endowment for the Arts, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Special Thanks to ::

Kenneth Jackson, (Dew Drop owner) and Le’Kedra Robertson (MIC Founder/ President)