APEX is a community-based youth center that offers neighborhood teens and young adults mentoring, tutoring, community service opportunities, recreation, and a host of structured activities designed to prepare them to become productive citizens in New Orleans and the world. 

 The Fall 2014 TCC|build Studio worked with the youth at APEX to design a two-tiered bench and shade structure facing the basketball court as basketball is a popular activity at the center.  This small project has allowed for the center to increase its outdoor programming and has created a place for the kids to gather in a previously underutilized space.

Fall 2014


Project Team

Katherine Allen
Hillary Bocash
Rachel Boynton
Kayleigh Bruentrup

Victoria Cohen
Sara Conner
Elizabeth Himmel
Tanya Hockney
Kelsey Howard
Stuart Hurt
Matthew Lamm,

Stephanie Mears
Tatyana Moraczewski
Matthew Ngo
Heather Tischler




Project Leads

Emilie Taylor
John Coyle

Special Thanks to::

Alle Erhardt
Olivia Brown
Danny Fitzpatrick
APEX Community Advancement