Design Question: How do we design a mobile market that draws in customers, provides functional and durable food display, and sun protection while physically representing Sankofa’s brand?

Project Duration: August 2015 - December 2015

Project Summary: Our Fall 2015 design build studio project is a partnership with Sankofa, a Ninth Ward based non-profit, to design and build a mobile produce stand which will increase their capacity to serve senior centers and health clinics around the city. Sankofa’s organizational mission is to support the creation of a local environment that promotes positive health outcomes and long-term community well-being. The “site” of the design build project is the bed of a Toyota Tundra pickup truck, which presents some unique challenges that the students have been addressing with great skill, thoughtfulness and creativity through a rigorous engagement and collaborative development process. In the process we are experimenting with materials and their capacities, learning new skills (like welding steel and aluminum), learning the value of collaboration and communication (with our community partner, end-users, material suppliers, and with one another), and taking advantage of the opportunities the facilities at TCC afford.

Project Team

Ruben Contreras
Jenny Renn Key
Eric Lynn
Michael Meline
Shelby Mills
Sarah Morasso
Gianna Morelli
Joseph Newman
Catherine Nguyen
Allison Price
John (JD) Scott
Laura Stokley
Megan Van Artsdalen
Calla Bardwell



Project Leads

Doug Harmon

TCC Support

Emilie Taylor Welty
Sue Mobley



Special thanks to

Johnson Controls, Inc

Andrew Schrock

Mercy Endeavors Senior Center

Justin Shields