At Covenant House, young people between the ages of 16 and 21 receive shelter, education, job training, counseling, clothing, childcare, medical attention, and an opportunity to repair their lives.

The Tulane City Center and the New Orleans Food and Farm Network partnered with Covenant House to devise a strategy for turning some of the city’s 30,000 blighted lots into greenspace that can help to bridge the gap between food and table in one of the city’s many “food deserts.”

Covenant Farms was conceived to introduce students to urban farming through the work of hands-on gardening and a paired curriculum focused on food justice. The program teaches students to clear, plant, cultivate, and harvest edibles on several donated lots in downtown New Orleans. Students apply the landscaping techniques learned through the program and help to supply local produce for the Covenant Cafe. The gardening expertise learned at Covenant Farms can be considered as part of a body of life skills that lead to self-sufficiency for each individual.


Project Lead

Carey Clouse

Project Team

Scott Boroughs
Pamela Broom, Food and Farm Network
Daphne Derven, Food and Farm Network
Johanna Gilligan, Food and Farm Network
Rene Borie Blanch, Covenant House
Wayne Bruno, Covenant House
Booth Pohlmann, Covenant House