Cornerstones is an effort to document and advocate for the overlooked and threatened landmarks of New Orleans. Through a citywide survey of residents, Cornerstones will be the first ground-up approach to identifying New Orleans’ important historical and cultural sites and it will broaden our ideas about the types of spaces that are important to our city and why they are significant to us.

Through a partnership with the Neighborhood Story Project, we have developed a publication called “Cornerstones: Celebrating the Everyday Monuments and Gathering Places of New Orleans Neighborhoods,” which features seven local landmarks. Through interviews, site mapping, architectural drawings, and photos, we illustrate the range of ways neighborhood places are important to New Orleans.

Project Lead

Dan Etheridge

Project Team

Tulane City Center
Helen Jeurgens, TCC intern
Art Terry, TCC intern
Seth Welty, TCC intern

Bethany Rogers

Neighborhood Story Project
Rachel Breunlin


Neighborhood Story Project