phase 1

Tulane City Center partnered with New Orleans City Park to provide project definition and design analysis for a skateboarding and roller derby facility existing in the park’s master plan. With much input from local skateboarding and roller derby communities, the TCC focused on developing a proposal that would guide City Park in their efforts to build a facility that would rank among the best in the nation. The proposal envisions phased development of the site to balance issues of construction costs, revenue generation, and recreational opportunities.


The design concept developed for the site chosen within the park embraces the landscape, elongating and extending skateable elements across the site. In addition to freestyle skating and roller derby practice, the design accommodates youth skateboard and roller skate camps, Big Easy Rollergirls bouts, skateboarding competitions, and various urban-recreational and music events. The skate park is a project in a larger ongoing partnership between City Park and the TCC.


Tulane City Center
City Park New Orleans

Project Team

Nick Marshall, advising professor
Julie Kaminski, consultant
Seth Welty, TCC intern
Amarit Dulyapaibul, TCC intern
Dan Etheridge, TCC support

Phase 2

Like much of New Orleans, City Park — one of the nation’s largest and oldest urban parks — must undergo extensive redevelopment after Hurricane Katrina. In order to embrace new cultures and sub-cultures, City Park has allotted a generous portion of open space to a new skating facility for use by both skateboarders and roller skaters alike.

To foster awareness and raise funds for this new facility, the Tulane City Center has been selected to provide imaging and ideas for the new proposal. TCC teamed up with City Park and the New Orleans skateboarding and roller derby communities in order to create the most versatile and authentic facility. The desire for a leading skatepark in New Orleans has existed within the skating community for many years both pre-Katrina and post-Katrina.

Now, with the addition of a roller derby track and supporting systems, this new skating facility has the potential to be one of the premiere parks in the nation, attracting multi-generational users and tourists to the city and the park, as well as facilitating City Park’s participation in the growing multi-billion dollar national skateboarding industry.

Project Lead

Victor Jones, advising professor
Thaddeus Zarse, consultant


Fievre-Jones Inc.
New Orleans City Park

Project Team

Amarit Dulyapaibul
Lauren Goetz
Corey Green
Nick Cecchi
Alex Nassar
Luis Quinones