The Columbus Greenway Initiative (CGI) is a project led by a diverse coalition of 7th Ward residents and organizations including the New Orleans Food and Farm Network and the Neighborhood Story Project. The CGI specifically grew out of a partnership between Ms. Pat O’Brian, who owns some vacant land parcels along Columbus Street, and a group of men who had been using one of the lots as an informal gathering space. This partnership has demonstrated how neighbors can come together to create vibrant and high functioning green space in a neighborhood where the city does not provide adequate space.

Out of this initial partnership, the Tulane City Center supported the design and installation of the Columbus Street Orchard, added “The Clubhouse” seating/storage/shade structure at the original corner lot, and developed a series of proposals to support the continued improvement of Columbus Street as a model greenway through bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure enhancements.


Project Team

Jess O’Dell
Sarah Satterlee
Alyssa Kingsley
John Dwyer

Project Lead

Seth Welty, advising professor
Dan Etheridge, TCC lead


Neighborhood Story Project
KidsWalk Coalition
New Orleans Food and Farm Network