Builders of Hope is an established and innovative leader in affordable housing and urban renewal. Since its founding in 2006, Builders of Hope has successfully created and rebuilt neighborhoods by providing workforce housing through the reuse of existing inventory.

Builders of Hope saves homes slated for demolition and recycles them using a patented “Extreme Green Rehabilitation” model for residential construction. This process creates beautiful, healthier homes that are energy efficient and less costly to maintain. Additionally, through the Upcycle program, Builders of Hope transforms foreclosed, vacant properties into energy efficient, affordable rentals and homes for sale to working-class Americans. Each city that Builders of Hope is invited to has unique challenges and features, but the goal remains the same: return these communities to safety, stability and vitality.

Builders of Hope undertook a historic and ambitious effort to relocate and sustainably renovate over 100 houses in New Orleans’ Mid-City neighborhood that were slated for demolition to make way for a new Veterans Administration Hospital. Builders of Hope coordinated the effort and teamed up with numerous non-profits and the City of New Orleans to find new locations for the homes. The Tulane City Center helped Builders of Hope to track, map, and document plans for this large scale move of a historic neighborhood.


Project Lead

Casius Pealer, Builders of Hope
Emilie Taylor, Tulane City Center

Project Team

Alison Rodberg
Vanessa Smith-Torres


Builders of Hope