Broad Community Connections is a community development organization revitalizing Broad Street by promoting the development of its diverse neighborhoods.

The Broad Community Connections project proposes the transformation of the Broad Street Corridor from a primarily vehicular access road to a more pedestrian-friendly avenue. The project proposes a series of human-scale design elements, such as green walls, benches, bus shelters, and bicycle racks at nodes of intersection between Broad Street and major crossroads.

Design “interventions” are planned for the intersections of Broad Street and Tulane Avenue, Canal Street, Lafitte Corridor, Orleans Avenue, and Esplanade Avenue. One of these nodes, at the block between St. Peter Street and Orleans Avenue, is designed for a site-specific intervention to be developed in detail and used as a prototype and catalyst for future implementations along Broad Street.

The Tulane City Center design team partnered with Broad Community Connections and presented their design proposal to the partners on May 27, 2010. 

Spring 2010


Project Team

Nels Erickson
Michael Greene
Jade Jiambutr

Project Lead

Tiffany Lin


Broad Community Connections