This project to map the adjudicated properties in selected zones across New Orleans was initiated at the ReInhabiting NOLA conference hosted in November 2005 by Tulane School of Architecture, Xavier University, and the Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research. To move this project forward, the Tulane City Center received support from the Fannie Mae Foundation and hosted a summit in February 2006. In attendance were City of New Orleans agency leadership, local professionals, and experts from the National Vacant Properties Campaign. At this summit, the Tulane City Center established a methodology for assisting the City of New Orleans with the mapping and documenting of adjudicated properties in six selected study areas across the city. These areas include portions of the 6th and 7th Wards, Central City, Gert Town, and the Tulane/Gravier neighborhoods.

The process entailed synthesizing information from several City agency sources. This data was then supplemented with field documentation of general property conditions, photographs of each adjudicated property, photographs of the adjacent properties, and the location of each adjudicated property on Sanborn maps.


Project Lead

Alan Lewis
Dan Etheridge

Project Team

Julie Kaminski
Becky Hutchinson
Sam Applebaum
Claire Cahan
Jason Heinze
Emilie Taylor


Fannie Mae Foundation